...And Another Thing...

... And Another Thing.... an augmented reality experience

Designed specifically for the Glasgow School of Art, MFA Degree Show Preview, And Another Thing adds a virtual, gamic layer to the site of the exhibition.  Through SMS (text message) driven "assignments" it invites participants to interact with the exhibition and works as well as to consider the nature and function of the preview night experience.  Furthermore, participant generated content is delivered across social media platforms (Twitter) to allow persons not able to attend the preview night virtual access to the event.

Wanna participate?

Smartphone users (iPhone, Android, Blackberry)
Text the word "Smart" followed by an in-game user name (or avatar) to 07807159378

Regular phone users (non-data capable handsets)
Text the word "Reg" followed by in-game user name (or avatar) to 07807159378

You can also follow @ThingMFA on Twitter to see realtime updates and assignments as they go out to participants!

...And Another Thing... is completed but, the transcript of the event is still available at @ThingMFA on Twitter.