Call for Participants - DANCE!!


I am currently working on two projects that need you!

The following are two assignments which, while they should be fun, will also become integral components in artistic works. 

Assignment 1: Make a video of yourself doing a pre-determined dance. 
  • Pick one (or all) of the moves in the videos below.  
  • Using any recording device you have (iPhone, iPad, HTC, PhotoBooth, iMovie, MovieMaker, camera...) record yourself owning that move. Add your own style! Make it yours! or don't... 
  • Email your video to me, theartist @
  • If you would like to be thanked in the work, or would like to see images of the final work, or any further contact; include your name in the email. 
You should recognize these fairly simple dance steps.  

*NOTE: The sound on these videos is completely irrelevant; I listen to podcasts - all the time, and that is what happened to be playing as I recorded these for you! I left the sound in because I found them to provide an amusing juxtaposition. (PS - it is IT Conversations from The Conversations Network)

I call this one: Bored Night Club...or... Chug chug?

..or... Served! (yes that is a reference to this)...and finally... Let's DO THE TWIST! 


*Please excuse the mess behind me, research happened to my flat.  

For this project your videos will be used as part of an installation video work (initially in Glasgow, Scotland).

Assignment 2: Make a video of yourself doing your favorite dance. 

The second way you can help is to make a video of your favorite movement.  Anything, whatever - (dance move, silly walk, super hero pose) make a video, email it to me (again, theartist @  You can email links to videos of the movement if you are not comfortable recording yourself.

This video will be used to choreograph a collaboratively formulated dance, which will be performed in public spaces and made available via the web for others to learn and repeat.  Your likeness will not be included in any of the documentation of this project if that is your desire (please let me know if that is the case).  Also, if you are interested in being part of the performance, contact me! 

Thanks World!!!

**if you would like to know more details about how and within what context these videos will be used, or more of the conceptual background of the work, email me.**