Ubik(wity): or how I learned to stop worrying and love the Net (2012)

A video art piece made from found footage. This video is intended for large-scale display to create a total sensory experience. Conceptually this work attempts to grapple with the ubiquitous and often variable perceptions of water. Water is simultaneously a key building block of life and a terrifying force. Additionally, the purity/purification of water reflects a a similar social dichotomy. While water is often used to symbolize purity and purification (as the universal solvent, baptism, etc..) water pollution (oil spills, radiation, thermal...) are a source of terror. In essence, while water is a ubiquitous substance, without with we could certainly not be present (at least in our current state) it is also a source of terror. From this model it is possible to extrapolate a further metaphor about other aspects of our life that are seen as/or are "necessary evils;" their ubiquity and necessity have become accepted, but they are equivalently a source of terror or destruction (i.e. global capitalism, communications technology). *NOTE: The sound element of this video is displayed (in gallery) as an "opt-in" and is intended to cause disturbance in the listener. If you find the sound annoying or distracting, mute the player.